Following the important 2011 exhibition at the Parma Galleria Nazionale celebrating the 300th anniversary of Giovanni Battista Guadagnini’s birth, Scrollavezza & Zanrè issues a major publication dedicated to the instruments on display. Twenty-four violins, violas and cellos, some of the finest examples of Guadagnini’s production, trace back the phases of the great maker’s career: starting from his first steps in Piacenza, his stay in Milano, the important period of Parma and his later years in Torino.

Beautifully photographed by Jan Röhrmann, Tucker Densley and Giorgio Movilli, the instruments are illustrated life sized, permitting experts and enthusiasts to appreciate all the details and subtleties of Guadagnini’s working methods and style.

The publication is enriched with historical and technical essays written by world renowned experts, with contributions by Carlo Chiesa, Philip Kass, Giuseppe Martini, Brigitte Brandmair and Terry Borman.

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